DEN Secretary General Djoko Siswanto: Masela Block Supports National Energy Security


Jakarta, ruangenergiSecretary of the National Energy Council (DEN) Djoko Siswanto in a Webinar entitled “Masela Block in the Economic Development of the Maluku Community” held by Ruang Energi and Maluku Energi Abadi (MEA) stated that the Masela Block strongly supports national energy security.

According to Djoksis, in accordance with the National Energy Policy (KEN), energy must be guaranteed availability, access to energy, and affordable prices in the long term.

He added that currently many countries in the world are experiencing a gas and coal crisis. In Indonesia this does not happen, because our energy resources are abundant.

“The national energy security index in 2012 was 5.82, which means it is resilient. With the Masela Block, if it is operational in 2027, our energy security will be more resilient,” said Djoko Siswanto, Wednesday (12/8/21).

Djoko further explained that the regional gas balance of Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua (Sulmapa) will be even stronger in 2027 when Masela is already onstream.

“If there is no Masela Block in 2027, the Sulmapa region will lack gas. The availability of reliable gas will support the fertilizer, petrochemical and electricity industries”, explained Djoksis

DEN strongly supports the development of the Masela Block and will start production immediately. The condition is that there must be a buyer, so that a Gas Purchase Purchase Agreement (PJBG) can be concluded.

“The key is that 80% of the gas capacity has been contracted so that the investment can return immediately. The Masela Block has a fairly large investment, which is USD 20 million. The key is to find a buyer or build a power plant that can be exported to Australia via undersea cables,” concluded Djoko Siswanto


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