Governor's Directive

1. The Governor Doesn't Want the Sons of Maluku to Only Watch the Masela Project
2. Masela Project Must Absorb Local Residents
3. Local Entrepreneurs Must Play a Role

Participating Interest 10%

BUMD PT. Maluku Eternal Energy (Perseroda)
As Recipient and/or Manager of PI 10% Masela Block (Governor's Decree Number 675/2020) and Governor's Letter Number 540/3592 to SKK Migas.

Run Project : We Believe in Second Change

Spirit of Run Project :
1. Passion for running
2. Inspiration from my past glories (15-16th century)
3. The opportunity to make history brings Maluku forward and victorious again.

Latest News

500 MW Program

This program was launched to accelerate the development and utilization of gas sources discovered by Citic Seram Energy Ltd as K3S WK Seram Non Bula since 2012.

TKND Program

To maximize the absorption of the Regional National Manpower (TKND) in Maluku Province which is wide open with the existence of Strategic Projects in the fields of Energy, Fisheries and Tourism.