MEA and KALREZ Ready to Negotiate PI 10%


AMBON, – PT Maluku Energi Abadi (Perseroda) submitted a Letter of Forwarding Statement of Interest and Ability to Offer 10% Participating Interest in the Bula Working Area to the Kalrez Petroleum Limited Block Contractor at the Menara Prima Building in the Mega Kuningan area, Jakarta on Thursday (13/01). /2022).
The second letter of interest was submitted directly by the Director of MEA, Ir. Musalam Latuconsina to the General Manager of Kalrez, H. DEA Setia and witnessed directly by the State Attorney at the Maluku Attorney General’s Office, Lulus Mustofa SH., MH. and the Independent Assistant Consultant JMT Lawhouse, Dr. Eric.
Kalrez through his GM accepts and welcomes the presence of MEA and hopes that this second Letter of Interest will bring blessings to all,

“We are happy, MEA has decided to join us to operate the Bula Field, hopefully the production will be even better accompanied by MEA,” said the man who has worked at Caltex Riau for a dozen years.

On this occasion it was revealed that MEA had appointed its subsidiary PT. Maluku Energi Bula, as PPD Migas, will manage the 10% PI in the block where most of the oil and gas wells have the status of field B or the Dutch heritage.
Pass Mustofa has consistently reminded MEA and KALREZ to continue to comply with the applicable regulatory corridors in the effort to transfer the 10% PI by mentioning that there should be no parties who later deal with legal problems as a result of misunderstanding the rules.
In this warm event, both MEA and Kalrez agreed on a solid schedule for discussing the 10% PI transfer contract along with the Joint Operation Agreement which is targeted to be signed on March 14, 2022, which will come.



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