MEA Ready to Become the Sixth Contractor of the Non-Bula Ceram Block


Jakarta, – PT Maluku Energi Abadi (MEA/Perseroda) will become the sixth non-operator contractor through the 10% BUMD Participating Interest (PI) scheme, in the Seram Non Bula Oil and Gas Block if it succeeds in transferring the 10% PI which is marked by the issuance of the Minister’s approval. ESDM in stage 10 later.

Previously, based on the Production Sharing Contract (KBH) or product sharing contract (PSC) as of 31 May 2018, there are currently five contractors holding interest in the Seram Non-Bula working area with Citic Seram Energy Ltd. or CSEL as the operator that controls 41% of the shares.

The other four non-operating contractors are Gulf Petroleum Investment Company with 16.5% shares, Lion International Investment Ltd. 2.5% shares, PT GHJ Seram Indonesia with 10%, and PT Petra Indo Mandiri which controls 30% shares.

“With the submission of this second letter of interest, the transfer stage of the 10% PI of the Seram Non Bula Block officially enters the eighth stage of the ten stages stipulated in the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources 37 of 2016,” said MEA Director, Mussalam Latuconsina as quoted from the official website of PT. Maluku Energi Abadi, Thursday (20/1/2022).

“This is a form of commitment and readiness for MEA BUMD to participate in managing the oil and gas block whose contract will expire on October 30, 2039,” continued the 62-year-old man who was appointed by the Governor of Maluku Murad Ismail as the first director of MEA in November 2020.

On that occasion it was also revealed that MEA has appointed its subsidiary PT Maluku Energi Non Bula as PPD Migas which will manage the 10% PI in the block located on the eastern tip of Seram Island.

“And according to the PLN 2021-2030 RUPTL document, the block has potential gas reserves of 900 to 1000 BCF in the Lofin field,” said Musalam.

Meanwhile, Roy Andrianto, who was appointed by CSEL as the PIC for the transfer of the 10% PI to BUMD, which is 99.9% owned by the Maluku Provincial Government, said that his party was ready to receive this second MEA Letter of Interest.

“Furthermore, the letter of interest will be forwarded to be discussed at the Hong Kong China Head Office, and next will be discussed with partners such as Gulf Petroleum, Lion, GHJ, and Petra Indo Mandiri,” said Roy.

The AEC Statement of Interest and Ability for the 10% PI Offering of the Non Bullous Seram Working Area was submitted by Musalam Latuconsina to the CITIC Seram Energy Limited Block Contractor at Citibank Tower 3rd Floor Pondok Indah Jakarta.

Present on the occasion were Lulus Mustofa and Fauzi who represented the State Attorney at the Maluku High Prosecutor’s Office and JMT Law House which was an independent consultant appointed by MEA as a companion.(SF)


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