Potential in the Mining Sector

In general, the potential of Natural Resources (SDA) of Maluku Province is divided into five main sectors, namely fisheries, plantations, tourism, mining and energy. These five sectors have not been fully exploited, both by the public and by investors. This potential can be utilized by domestic and foreign investors so that it creates a multiplier effect for the local government, and the welfare of the people of Maluku in particular.

Maluku Province has an area of 712,480 Km2, where the land area is only 7.4 percent or 54,184 Km2, and has 1,412 islands. As an archipelago resulting from volcanic processes, Maluku is very potential in the mineral mining sector. There are several types of high value minerals on the islands of the Maluku region, such as base metals, copper, gold, mica, quartz sand, nickel, coal, limestone, and others. Some areas have begun to be explored and are already producing. It is noted that several large islands have the potential for mineral mining.

Doc. dpmptsp-maluku.com


Doc. dpmptsp-maluku.com

To see the latest conditions in the Mining Sector in the Maluku Province, please click the link https://malukuenergiabadi.gis.co.id/


Source : https://www.dpmptsp-maluku.com