Report Progress of PI 10%, MEA Audience to SKK Migas


Jakarta, – In order to follow up on the development and dynamics of the 10% PI Transfer process in 3 (three) Oil and Gas Working Areas in Maluku Province, the Director of PT Maluku Energi Abadi (Perseroda), Mussalam Latuconsina and his staff held hearings at the Office of the Special Implementing Unit Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) in Jakarta recently.

According to Musalam, currently the 10% PI transfer process in Maluku Province is quite far away, including the Bula CA is already in Stage 9, namely the Negotiation Process between MEA and the Kalrez Contractor, as well as the Seram Non Bula CA where the MEA is in the Negotiation Stage with CSEL contractor. Meanwhile, the process of Transferring the 10% PI of the Masela WK is still temporarily halted in Stage 6, namely the Stage of Conveying the Interest and Ability of the BUMD to the Masela INPEX Contractor.

“MEA has come this far, where the Bula WK and Seram Non Bula WK have reached Stage 9 and the Masela WK is still stalled at Stage 6. We hope for support from SKK Migas to speed up the process of transferring the 10% PI from the three WKs,” said Musalam. in his official statement received in Jakarta, Tuesday (05/4/2022).

However, according to him, the two contractors did not seem ready to carry out the orders of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources 37 of 2016 and seemed to be doing buying time in the Negotiation Process.

“Even though the negotiation process itself has been running for 3 (three) months since the Submission of the Letter of Forwarding the Statement of Interest and Ability which was submitted to Kalrez on January 13, 2022 and CSEL on January 14, 2022,” he said.


While Dr. Erick from JMT Lawhouse as the MEA Advisory Consultant said that there was an issue of psychological aspects where the people of Maluku Province, especially the Bula area, Eastern Seram did not get a positive impact from the 10% PI Transfer process since the extension of the two WKs was granted.

“Don’t let the turmoil that we don’t expect in the community while the oil production process is still ongoing just because the contractors are not serious about carrying out the mandates of the regulations,” he said.

On that occasion, MEA also submitted several requests to SKK Migas in the Hearing, among others asking SKK Migas to be able to follow up on the Transfer of 10% PI for Bula WK and Seram Non Bula WK so that it can run quickly and completely in accordance with applicable regulations.

“In addition, we also ask for support from SKK Migas to accelerate the monetization process for the Lofin WK Seram Non Bula Field where potential gas buyers have been inventoried, especially various industries that will require local gas production. Lastly, MEA also asked for written directions regarding the progress of the temporary suspension of the process for the transfer of 10% PI for the Masela WK,” concluded Musalam.

SKK Migas through Damar Wicaksono as Legal Counsel, responded that the process of transferring the 10% PI in Maluku Province was quite good with progress that was in accordance with applicable regulations.

“Regarding the Transfer Agreement which is part of the Negotiation Stage, there is no need to make it complicated where the contents of the Agreement are quite simple, namely focusing on the Transfer of 10% PI for each CA. Next for Management, Rights and Obligations will be discussed further when MEA has sat inside as one of the Contractors in each of the CAs,” he said.(SF)



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