SBT-MEA Agrees to Save 10% PI Potential of Two Oil and Gas Blocks


Jakarta, – President Joko Widodo has signed Presidential Decree No. 11 of 2021 regarding the Investment Acceleration Task Force on May 4, 2021 ago. The task force, which is led by the Minister of Investment/Head of BKPM and the Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Chief of Police, has a main task, one of which is debottlenecking investment problems and barriers.

So far, it is known that investment barriers do not only occur at the central level, but also in the regions to the regions. Minister Bahlil as the Head of the Task Force then formed the Implementing Team for the Task Force for the Acceleration of Regional Investment, where the Team for the Maluku Regional Coordinator consisted of the Kapolda and Kajati Maluku.

The Maluku High Prosecutor’s Office since March 2021 has assessed that the transfer of the 10% PI in the three oil and gas blocks in Maluku Province needs assistance to coordinate its implementation involving the Governor and the Regents concerned where the oil and gas blocks are located.

For this reason, in order to coordinate the transfer of the 10% PI in the Bula and Seram Non Bula blocks, on Friday, January 7, 2022, the head of the Maluku High Prosecutor’s Office, Dr. Invite Mugopal, SH., M.Hum. as a member of Team 2 of the Maluku Region Coordinator on the Implementing Team of the Investment Acceleration Task Force for the second time facilitated a meeting between the SBT Regent and the MEA Director in his office, second floor of the Maluku Prosecutor’s Office.

The Madya Main Prosecutor, who has not been appointed as Kajati Maluku for less than a year, considers that one of the problems that need to be coordinated is that the Cooperation Agreement document between SBT and MEA which is the basis for managing the rights of 5% each in the two Oil and Gas working areas has not been signed.

“In addition, until now SBT is still trying to finalize the regional regulation on the establishment and equity participation of BUMD which will be appointed as the manager of the PI Bumi ita wotu nusa rights,” he said.

For this reason, he suggested that the Regent of SBT and MEA make a Memorandum of Understanding, the point of which is for the SSD to save the 10% PI potential of each party due to the limited time for MEA to continue to express interest and ability on the 180th day of the Due Diligence.

“In addition, each party also needs to agree on the management of the 10% PI for the first stage to be submitted to PPD Migas which has been established by MEA while waiting for all the requirements stipulated in the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 37 of 2016 to be fulfilled by the SBT,” said Mugopal.

Meanwhile, the Director of MEA, Musalam Latuconsina when confirmed via telephone, Friday (21/01/2022) confirmed the existence of the meeting.

“I have received confirmation that the Collective Agreement as directed by the Maluku Kajati has been signed by the Regent of SBT Abdul Mukti Keliobas and is being sent to the MEA office,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Maluku Attorney General’s Civil and Administrative Office, Lulus Mustofa, when contacted separately confirmed that the Maluku Attorney General as a member of the Investment Acceleration Task Force Implementation Team would also sign the SKB, while he and two other State Attorneys acted as witnesses.(SF)

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