3 Instructions from the Governor of Maluku Regarding Masela

The Maluku Provincial Government (“Maluku Provincial Government”) in the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) for 2019-2024 has a mission to realize professional, creative, independent and high-achieving human resources so that the ideals of realizing a Prosperous Maluku can be realized immediately.

In order to realize the RPJMD, the Maluku Provincial Government announced the “soft launching” of two flagship programs; one of these programs is the Maluku Regional National Manpower Development Program (Maluku TKND Development Program); initiated by BUMD Maluku Provincial Government PT. Maluku Energi Abadi (Perseroda) which is escorted by the Mining and Energy Service and the Maluku Provincial Manpower Service.

Maluku Regional National Manpower Development Program (Maluku TKND Development Program)

This program was launched to maximize the absorption of Regional National Workforce (TKND) in Maluku Province which is wide open with the existence of National Strategic Projects (PSN) in the Energy sector (Masela Block, Seram Non Bula Block, and 500 MW Maluku), in the Fisheries sector (Maluku Lumbung). National Fish) and in the field of Tourism (Banda Neira), which requires an adequate supply of human resources, goods, and services which need to be responded with triple helix synergy between BUMD, Developers, and Strategic Partners to answer the expectations of the people in Maluku Province.

From the above program, it is hoped that it can help absorb 60,000 job opportunities, both those who are directly involved in the project and those who are indirectly involved in the provision of goods and services for the development and operational needs of the project mentioned above.

So the Maluku Provincial Government is very optimistic that it can reduce the poverty rate to 13.43% in 2024 and the unemployment rate to only 4.97%, with the achievement of the Human Development Index (HDI) target of 69.91%, and with the Soft Launching and signing of the MoU Based on the two programs above, the Maluku Provincial Government has actively participated in supporting President Jokowi’s Work Program for poverty alleviation, providing employment opportunities, improving quality of life standards, and developing infrastructure for the Maluku people.

In this regard, the Governor of Maluku, Inspector General of Police (Ret.) Drs. Murad Ismail gave 3 directions including :

  1. The governor doesn’t want Maluku’s sons to only watch the Masela project
Source: KKT Himapel Public Discussion

Maluku Governor Murad Ismail appealed to the Regents/Mayors throughout Maluku to take advantage of the potential of existing natural resources for the welfare of the community. Regarding the development of the Masela Block eternal gas, Murad doesn’t want the Moluccan children to be just spectators.

“I don’t want our children to become spectators in their own homes,” said Maluku Governor Murad Ismail when opening the Governor’s Coordination Meeting with Mayors and Regents throughout Maluku Province in 2019 on the VII Floor of the Maluku Governor’s Office, Tuesday (10/9). 2019).

  1. The Masela project must absorb local residents
    Source: KKT Himapel Public Discussion

    Maluku Governor Murad Ismail hopes that the government and the people of Maluku will also be ready. The management of the Masela Block will absorb a large number of workers. Therefore, he asked all levels of the Provincial Government as well as the Regency / City Government, universities and related agencies, to properly prepare the mechanism for absorption of workers in the Masela Block.

    The employment mechanism is for those who are directly involved in the project and those who are indirectly involved in the provision of goods and services for the development and operational needs of the project. The mechanism is based on :

    • Based on needs (demand side)
      The manpower requirement in the Masela Project is 30,000 workers and in the Maluku National Fish Barn (MLIN) Project is 30,000 workers, with a composition of 70% of the workforce from Maluku and 30% from outside Maluku.
    • Quota based
    • Module based
    • IT Based (Covid-19)
    • Certification based
  • BUMD in collaboration with the Provincial Manpower Office, the Affected Regional Manpower Office, and other regional Manpower Offices assigned the Eastern Indonesia Oil and Gas BLK in Maluku to provide training for skilled workers to prepare human resources according to their respective needs and fields. Furthermore, these workers can be channeled directly to each National Strategic Project in Maluku.

In addition, the Governor also asked the Regents and Mayors to proactively invite investors to invest in Maluku, by making policies that provide convenience for investors, such as through policies in the field of licensing, infrastructure readiness, and ease of providing land.

  1. Local entrepreneurs must play a role
Source: KKT Himapel Public Discussion

Maluku Governor Murad Ismail also requested that these regional heads maximize the role of local entrepreneurs so that they can contribute to the region.

“Encourage our local entrepreneurs to open up wider job opportunities for our young people in the regions. They must receive priority, as well as be equipped with the ability and quality of adequate human resources,” he explained.

Local entrepreneurs as strategic partners appointed by OPD and BUMD before channeling workers indirectly for National Strategic Projects, need to take the following steps :

    • Data collection (talent pool)
    • Training (module)
    • Distribution
    • Empowerment (Comdev & CSR)

Local entrepreneurs can participate in the Masela construction process by providing :

    • Supply of construction materials and tools
    • Food Supply
    • Horeka Supply
    • Transportation Supply
    • Other supplies according to the contract of PT. MEA – INPEX

So it requires a study of the food needs of the Tangguh Bintuni Project in West Papua :

    • Frozen Vegy 500-8000 kg/month
    • Fresh Vegy 300-10.000 kg/month
    • Fruits 200-15,000 kg/month
    • Rice 6,000-100,000 kg/month

PT. Maluku Energi Abadi (Perseroda) is a BUMD of Maluku Province appointed as Recipient and/or Manager of 10% Interest Participation (PI 10%) for three Oil and Gas Working Areas (WK Migas) in Maluku Province, namely :

  1. Bula Working Area
  2. Seram Non Bula Working Area
  3. Masela Working Area