The process of transferring 10 percent of the PI to the Masela Block stalls, the people of Maluku are disappointed


Jakarta, – Even though it has entered the sixth stage, the process of transferring the 10% participating interest (PI) of the Masela Block to the Maluku Provincial Government suddenly stopped because of a letter from Inpex Masela who claimed to have received directions to postpone the PI process to BUMD. Maluku.

In a webinar entitled “Masela Block in Maluku Community Economic Development” which was held by Ruangenergi and Maluku Energi Abadi (MEA), Wednesday (8/12), the Director of PT Maluku Energi Abadi (MEA), Musalam Latuconsina said, the people, especially the Maluku DPRD continued to question about the continuation of the Masela Block gas project.

“The Masela Block work process has started with the Inpex operator. MEA as a representative of the Maluku Provincial Government has participated in the stages of the process from stages 1-7. But, in May 2021, suddenly there was a letter from Inpex asking for the process to be held or postponed on the grounds that there was a directive from SKK Migas and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources,” he explained.

Mussalam explained that within a week, the letter was immediately replied to Inpex. In fact, MEA also sent a letter to SKK Migas and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to ask why the Masela Block project should be held. What is the problem, but until now there is no clear answer.

“Our letter has not been answered until now, both by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, SKK Migas and also Inpex. My question is why did they not reply to our letter,” explained Musalam again.

Even last September, the Governor of Maluku also sent a letter to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources which was copied to the President of the Republic of Indonesia and all relevant ministries but has not received a reply so far.

“So, on behalf of the people of Maluku, we are very disappointed with the current condition, but whatever we are, we are waiting for the final decision. The important thing is that everything is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations,” he said.

Previously the PI 10% was for BUMD. And at that time, his party thought that the BUMD in question was a Provincial BUMD.

“So if there is a Regency-owned BUMD and so on, it should have been conveyed from an early stage. Do not already in the sixth stage, something like this will appear for reasons that are not in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations,” he said.

“Nevertheless, we are still waiting in accordance with the applicable regulations, even if there are changes to the MEA regulations, we will still wait. If there are regulations that have changed, the people of Maluku will obey the rules,” added Musalam.

He also hopes that the 10% PI in the three working areas in Maluku can be obtained soon. According to him, two working areas, namely the Bula and Non Bula oil and gas fields, have already processed it and hopefully it can be realized next year. Likewise with the Masela block.

Previously, the Head of the SKK Migas Formality Division, Syaifuddin, said that the 10% PI share had been realized, namely the Maluku Provincial Government. Furthermore, the provincial government must form a BUMD so that it can participate in running the business and become part of the Oil and Gas Block with 10% PI shares according to the provisions of the Act.

According to Syaifudin, so far Inpex as the operator of the Masela Block has also carried out corporate social responsibility (CSR) duties to the surrounding community.

“They can broadly be grouped in the form of educational aids and skills training for local residents, health, environment and empowerment of surrounding communities,” said the SKK Migas official.

From the initial plan, Inpex will invest up to USD20 billion to operate the Masela Block. The investment is divided into four stages, starting from pre-reconstruction, construction, production to post-production of the oil and gas block.

“The special government of SKK Migas will obey the principles and be ready to carry out the policies of the central government through the law and its derivative products related to the operation of the Masela Block,” explained Syaifudin.

Meanwhile, the Sub-Coordinator for the Assessment of the Oil and Gas Field Development Plan of the Directorate General of Oil and Gas at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Barkun Kharisma Suko, said that the 10% PI has clear rules for producing regions. The government is committed to implementing the policy, and so far the process has been running in the Masela Block.

However, said Barkun, there is a limit to the 10% PI. For oil and gas blocks in waters such as the Masela Block, if they are in the range of 1-4 miles from the coastline, then that is part of the producing Regency/City. However, if it is 4-12 miles from the coastline, then the 10% PI becomes part of the oil and gas-producing provincial government.

“Regarding the cross-related dispute over the 10% PI Masela Block, it is part of the Regency Government or Maluku Provincial Government and or other regions that will receive it, under the authority of the Central Government cq. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will decide. Unfortunately, until now we have not received the decision,” concluded Barkun.(s)


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