Tops! Gas Reserves Found on Seram Island, Maluku



Jakarta – SKK Migas together with the cooperation contract contractor (KKKS) Citic Seram Energy Ltd found indications of hydrocarbons in the form of gas through re-testing of coating tests in the Lofin-2 exploration well (re-entry).

The well is located in the Seram Non-Bula Working Area (WK), Seti Village, North Seram Timur Seti District, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province.

Head of the SKK Migas Drilling Division Surya Widyantoro said the SKK Migas and Citic Seram Energy teams were still working and were at the location to monitor and test the strength of the hydrocarbon bursts. Apart from that, rig GW#123 is still working to retest the exploration well.

“Flaring during well testing has been carried out and the gas spurt is quite good,” said Surya, who is also a geologist, quoted from Antara, Saturday (11/2/2023).

SKK Migas explained that the gas discovery was carried out after re-testing the lining of the Lofin-2 exploration well (re-entry) which has the main objective in the carbonate rock of the Manusela formation.

Based on the results of these activities, the Lofin-2 well flows gas of 15.02 million cubic feet of gas per day or MMSCFD at a 64/64 inch choke opening.

The re-testing is intended to test and evaluate the potential for hydrocarbons in the carbonate rock of the Manusela formation and to determine the character or behavior of the reservoir so that this activity plays an important role in the development of the Lofin structure in the future.

As for the status as of 11 February 2023 at 15.00 WIT, the activities being carried out at the Lofin-2 (re-entry) well are continuing to clean-up wells. SKK Migas informed that the Lofin-2 well was drilled on 31 October 2014 and reached a final depth of 19,230 ftMD on 19 July 2015.

Meanwhile, Plt Head of SKK Migas Program and Communication Division Mohammad Kemal said the gas findings were a breath of fresh air for the massive, aggressive and efficient exploration that SKK Migas and the PSC Contractors continued to carry out.

He revealed that the potential for oil reserves on Seram Island is still quite large and at least the potential reserves can reach 5 billion barrels.

“We have potential oil reserves, namely Seram Island and Warim Papua and thank God there are already investors who are interested in seeing the data,” said Kemal. (fig/fdl)


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