Finalizing the Development of Sugarcane Plantation in SBT, Governor Meets Investors


AMBON, AT.– The plan for the development of sugarcane plantations in the East Seram Regency (SBT), Maluku Province continues to be finalized. Among others, through meetings with investors.

Maluku Provincial Government and Management of PT. Santos Agro Abadi, one of the national investors in agriculture who has started investing in sugarcane plantations in East Seram Regency, held another meeting, Tuesday (7/6).

The Maluku Provincial Government delegation was led by the Maluku Governor Murad Ismail who was accompanied by the Head of TGPP, Head of Agriculture Service, Head of Bappeda, Head of PTSP PMD Service, Head of Food Security Service, Head of PUPR Service and Director of Maluku Energi Abadi. While the management of PT. Santos Agro Abadi is directly led by the owner, Soedomo Mergonoto who is also the owner of Kopi Kapal Api.

The meeting which took place at the Mulia Senayan Hotel, Jakarta, was to strengthen the investment plan as well as the commitment of the parties to develop Maluku, especially the agricultural sector.

This forum is a follow-up to the investment plan that has been stated in the Letter of Intent between PT. Santos Agro Abadi with the Maluku Provincial Government in Maluku Baileo Exhibition event in Makassar on February 5, 2022, as well as the realization of the commitment of the management of PT. Santos Agro Abadi in a Joint Meeting initiated by the Maluku Provincial Agriculture Service with the Governor’s Team for the Acceleration of Maluku Development (TGPP) on March 17, 2022.

The governor in the meeting explained about the potential of Maluku’s agricultural resources. Although the land area is only 6.7 percent of the total 712,479.65 Km2 of the Maluku Province area, it has great potential. The governor at the same time also invited PT. SAA to invest not only at the level of plant cultivation but also in the processing and marketing of produce as well as other leading sectors in Maluku such as fisheries.

“For example, processing coconut in the processing of shell and coir waste that has not been utilized optimally. Marketing of corn and soybean products that will be developed by Maluku, namely 11,500 ha of corn and 5000 ha of soybeans, and the development of tuna fisheries and aquaculture,” said the Governor in a release received., Wednesday (8/6).

Furthermore, the Governor also gave his appreciation and support for investment in Maluku. Investment is needed to accelerate development to support economic growth.

Not only depend on government funding sources. Because with the entry of investment there will be an increase in production, create jobs and can alleviate poverty in Maluku.

“Against this condition the Maluku Provincial Government will support the investment process of PT. SAA according to the authority it has,” explained the former Brimob Corps Commander.

The governor added that investment will be made on land that has been given a location permit since 2018 for development. Sugarcane in the East Seram Regency, namely in the Districts of Bula, West Bula and Teluk Waru covering an area of ​​22,103 hectares with an investment value of 500 billion rupiah.

Meanwhile, the management of PT. SAA in the meeting stated its commitment to immediately take care of all the licensing processes needed as business legitimacy in accordance with the authority regulated in Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation through OSS (Online Single Submission) at PTSP Maluku Province which already has ISO 9001 and 37001.

Then, do verified commodities that are currently focused on sugarcane which have been tested for three years where the results are very suitable. It is proposed that the transfer of commodities to coconut, corn and nutmeg commodities as well as other leading commodities is proposed.

In addition, developing the industry by involving local workers according to the competencies and skills needed by the company. Then, cooperate with BUMN and BUMD of Maluku Province (Perumda Panca Karya and PT. Maluku Energi Abadi), and immediately start this investment project after obtaining the required permits. (tab)


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