K3 Operators General Online Education and Training (Training From Home) and BNSP Certification Competency Certification

In accordance with the provisions in Law No. 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower, every company is required to carry out Occupational Safety and Health efforts to protect the safety of workers and production facilities. For this reason, professional and competent K3 personnel are needed in developing, coordinating, facilitating and implementing K3 programs within the company. In connection with this need, it is necessary to foster and develop K3 HR competencies for various fields of expertise and fields of activity. To meet the demands of the business world both at domestic and global levels, competency standards are needed for these K3 experts that are recognized both nationally and internationally so that they can compete with K3 workers from abroad. One of the areas of competence needed in the business world is General K3 Operator.


In order to prepare the skill requirements and competency certification for General K3 Operators, MEA in collaboration with Bituta Company organizes Competency Training and Professional Certification for General K3 Operators. This training is designed based on the SKKNI (Indonesian National Work Competency Standards) in the K3 field which has been stipulated in the Decree of the Minister of Manpower & Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia. For this reason, in the midst of the Corona Covid-19 outbreak, online training (Training From Home) and competency certification for General K3 Operators is very suitable and needed by every personnel who will be appointed to the position of K3 Operator as a form of coaching so that have the ability and knowledge about occupational safety and health in order to control risks in the workplace.


General K3 Operator Competency Unit

  1. Designing a K3 risk control strategy in the workplace
  2. Communicating K3
  3. Supervise the implementation of work permits
  4. Measure the hazard factor in the workplace
  5. Managing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the workplace
  6. Implementing the Occupational Health Service Program
  7. Implement OHS Risk Management


General K3 Operator Participant Requirements

  1. Copy of minimum high school diploma
  2. Copy of KTP
  3. Minimum 2 years work experience in the HSE field
  4. The latest curriculum vitae
  5. Passport photo with red background
  6. Supporting certificates


General K3 Operator Training Method

  1. Self-study through e-modules
  2. Presentation and Online Discussion
  3. Demonstration of the manufacture of working devices
  4. Portfolio Preparation


BNSP General K3 Operator Competency Certificate

Competency certification is the process of awarding competency certification which is carried out systematically and objectively through competency tests that refer to work competency standards, both national and international. By having the competence certificate Operator Occupational Safety and Health then a person will receive proof of written acknowledgment of the competency he has mastered.

After fulfilling the portfolio requirements and after passing the competency test, each participant will receive:

  1. General K3 Operator competency certification issued by BNSP (National Professional Certification Agency)
  2. Competency Card


BNSP General K3 Operator Certification Objectives

After attending this training and certification, participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Knowing, understanding and mastering aspects of Occupational Safety and Health (K3)
  2. Able to carry out K3 requirements in the workplace in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  3. Able to carry out the rights and obligations as workers
  4. Able to implement safe operating procedures in the workplace to avoid potential hazards
  5. Obtain a professional competency certificate in the K3 field from BNSP (National Professional Certification Agency)



This training will be held every third week


Portfolio Documents

The documents that need to be prepared as a Portfolio are as follows:

  1. Fill out the Registration Form (APL 01)
  2. Complete the Independent Assessment (APL 02)
  3. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) work
  4. Work report :
  • K3 Inspection Report
  • K3 Meeting Report
  • Report on Work Permit
  • Exposure Metering Report
  • PPE Usage Inspection Report
  • First Aid Facility Inspection Report
  • Hazard Reports
  1. Photos and videos of work


 Information & Registration

For complete information, please contact the contact person below:

0851 5603 7998 (MEA)

0813 4336 5016 (Lilian)

Registration is open every working day, by clicking Register Now button below: