Manage Three Blocks, PT. MEA Continues to Innovate


AMBON,MRNews.comPresident Director of PT. Maluku Energi Abadi (MEA) Mursalam Latuconsina admitted to the media that it is necessary to work with heart to run a state-owned enterprise that is one year old today (yesterday-red).

“Supposedly at this time, we are still crawling. However, our efforts and work require us to take a leap to provide the best for Maluku,” said Latuconsina in her office, Tuesday (23/11).

According to the son of Maluku who has a wealth of experience in the oil and gas sector, since its establishment PT. MEA has made breakthroughs according to its fields, namely, oil, gas and energy.

Currently, according to Latuconsina, PT. MEA is currently conducting business in the Upstream Oil and Gas sector, namely the management and management of 10% Participating Interest (PI) in three blocks in Maluku, namely the Masela block, the Bula block and the Non-Bula block.

In addition, the business is also in the fields of energy, minerals and mining.

“Currently, progress has been made, namely the Bula and non-Bula blocks, because these two blocks are already in production. While the Masela block is still in the process and has reached stage 6. Hopefully on this first anniversary we can enter stage 7, “he said.

In accordance with the provisions of the PI for 10 percent of Bula and non-Bula blocks, the province gets a 50 percent share. Meanwhile, in the Masela block, according to the 10 percent PI, it still refers to the ESDM Ministerial Regulation.

It is known, PT. MEA as a holding company or holding company. For the Bula block there is Petroleum Ltd. and Non-Bula is CITIC Seram Energy. These two companies are located in the East Seram Regency.

He added that by opening up the business network, it will have a good impact with the entry of Regional Original Income (PAD) into the regional treasury.

Therefore, it needs the support of all parties to support the performance of Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD).

“We hope that the existing progress will provide PAD for the regional treasury,” he said. (MR-01)

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