Non-Bula Block Ready for Gas Production


AMBON, – The discovery of gas wells in 2012 on Non-Bula blocks by Citic Seram Energy ltd (CSEL) in Eastern Seram Regency (SBT) opened a cooperation agreement with Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) of PT. Maluku Energi Abadi (MEA).

Through a long discussion, it is certain that it will soon be produced to meet the needs of the market both in Maluku Province and in Indonesia.

This step is a continuation of the signing of the MoU between PT. Pertamina gas and Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) PT. MEA related to the cooperation plan for upstream gas utilization, market development and utilization of natural gas infrastructure in Jakarta last week.

“The gas well was discovered in 2012. Imagine it’s been 10 years of silence. That’s because there’s no market yet. Therefore, we have made a breakthrough and are looking for a market so that next year has started to be produced” said Director of PT. MEA, Nursalam Latuconsina in his office, Tuesday (23/11).

CITIC Seram Energy has agreed to explore one to two wells found in non-Bula blocks so that it is certain that mid-2022 can be produced.

Therefore, PT. MEA has tried by conducting a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT. Wahana Lestari engaged in shrimp farming even with PT. PLN for gas utilization.

“We have conducted an MoU with PT. Lestari and it has been approved because so far they use cell so it is not economical. With the production of wells in non-Bula blocks, flowing gas will be much in demand including PT. PLN” said Latuconsina.

Explained, if the availability of gas in Non-Bula blocks is 1/3 of that in the Masela block. Therefore, PT. PLN Pusat has signaled that it will use gas from existing wells in Non-Bula blocks.

“If it is produced next year, it will certainly have an impact on Regional Original Income,” hoped Latuconsina. (MR-01)


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