One Year of PT MEA’s Age, This is the Progress of Managing 10 Percent PI in Three Oil and Gas Blocks


DINAMIKAMALUKU.COM, AMBON – The Maluku Abadi Energy Limited Company (PT. MEA) Tuesday (23/11/2021) is one year old today. However, since its establishment, this Regional Owned Enterprise (BUMD) has played its role in the fields of oil, gas and energy in order to contribute to this region.

“Alhamdulillah and I thank God for this opportunity this morning, conveying the work that we have achieved so far at BUMD MEA,” said the President Director of PT. MEA, Mussalam Latuconsina, to the media crew, Tuesday (23/11/2021).

Moreover, remember the former high-ranking officials at PT. Pertamina, the company he leads is only 1 year old.

“Alhamdulillah, today we have been working for PT. MEA. In this work PT. MEA is appointed by the Governor. Incidentally, I was appointed as the President Director and one of the Commissioners of Hadi Basalamah. We have been with the team of PT. MEA has carried out its duties for one year,” he said.

He admitted that even though the regional company had only been established for one year, it had achieved a lot.

“We are like babies who have just walked. However, in a dialogue at one of our broadcasters, it was said that it had been 7 years. We don’t judge, but later the community will judge what we have achieved so far,” he recalled.

There are several lines of business carried out by PT. MEA, as the holding company or holding company. However, in the regional regulation (Perda) number 7 of 2020, his party has socialized it with the chairman of the Maluku DPRD during a dialogue with the head of the Maluku Provincial Government Legal Bureau.

“The hope is that in the Perda the public will know what PT. MEA,” he explained.

The line of business that PT. MEA, namely 5 sectors, namely the upstream oil and gas business sector.

“Upstream Oil and Gas is related to the management or management of Participating Interest (PI) of 10 employees in three blocks in the working area in Maluku. There are Masela Block, Bula Block and Non Bulla Block. All of our progress has been carried out,” he explained.

There has been progress in the Bull and Non Bull Blocks. PT. MEA oversees the two blocks because they are already in production.

“Because the 10 percent PI stage is complete, because the Maluku Province through PT. MEA gets results as soon as possible. As for the Masela Block, we will pursue it even though there are some obstacles. Indeed, we have only arrived at the 6th stage. While the Bull and Non-Bula Blocks we have been pursuing have entered the 7th stage, namely due diligence,” he explained.

Due diligence, he continued, namely the problem of data from two companies in the Bula and Non Bula Blocks must disclose the data to his party and an evaluation is carried out.

“We will review it so that from there we know that the Provincial Government through the BUMD PT. MEA, how much will the two companies get. For the Bula Block is the company Due Petroleum Ltd. Non Bulla is CITIC Seram Energy. These two companies are located in the East Seram Regency,” he explained.

Not only that, PT. MEA is temporarily building a partnership with SBT district, because the PI of 10 percent in the Bula and Non Bula blocks, the provincial government gets 50 percent according to the Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and the SBT Regency gets 50 percent.

“There are regulations. Then regarding the Masela Block, I think the public has all heard. However, according to the operating rules in the Masela Block in the middle of the sea. More or less over 12 nautical miles,” he said.

Regarding the management or management of the PI 10 percent of the Masela Block, according to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, it is handed over to the Maluku Provincial Government. So the provincial government appointed MEA BUMD, to receive and manage the percent PI.

“Maybe someone has heard that there are issues that the Tanimbar Islands district and the surrounding districts will get a share in the PI, for us there is no problem, the important thing is according to the applicable rules of the game,” he said.

According to regulations, he remembers, if over 12 miles belong to the province.

“Well, if there is a change, we are waiting for the amendment to the MEMR Regulation. But as long as there are no changes, we will continue,” he said.

Regarding KKT getting a 30 percent PI, he admitted, this information is general. So the count is 3, 3, and 1. So KKT gets 3 percent, MBD gets 3 percent, and Provinces 3 percent and districts and cities get 1 percent. But as long as there is no black on white. As long as there is no official letter from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, I, as a representative of the provincial government, will continue with the stages. Fortunately, we have reached the sixth stage. Hopefully tomorrow SKK Migas will confirm that it will attend the dialogue at RRI. We’ll ask again later. Because those who are competent are from the center, namely from SKK Migas and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Moreover, the Governor emphasized that the city must follow the rules. If there is no new regulation, we’ll just have to wait,” he said.

When asked about the stages of PI Bullying and Non Bullying, he admitted that the 10 percent PI stage was very long.

“There are 10 stages. Then we only had one year. Thank God my experience in other areas for many years has not been completed. Maybe because it is between districts and between provinces. We happen to be in the same province. Maybe my experience and team. We are currently in the 7th stage. The 7th stage is data due diligence. Data from Karlex and CITIC companies,” he recalls.

The two companies, he added, must disclose data. So far, they have only received such profit sharing funds.

“We do not yet know the origin of the funds given. We have been processing the data for a long time so that when we get the results we know that oh, it turned out to be from Karlex and CITIC like this. The basis is this. So far. So far, we just accept it clean. No one asked, okay?” he said.

For that, he added, the count of the two blocks can tell what provinces will get.

“Later, it will enter BUMD first and will use it for operations. Then we give it to the province as a dividend or Regional Original Income. I can’t promise, but if our business runs smoothly by the end of next year or the middle of next year, there will be results. So there are only 3 stages left,” he explained.

While the Masela Block, PI has not been able to because it is not yet in production.

“Wait from 2027 to 2028. But if it’s 10 stages as long as we move forward. Because we are ready to have a consultant who takes care of the PI that we collaborate with. And they are very experienced,” he concluded. (DM-02)


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