PT MEA Working on Gas on Seram Island, Can Supply in Eastern Indonesia


DINAMIKAMALUKU.COM, AMBON – In addition to the gas potential in the Masela Block, there is a very promising gas potential on Seram Island, so it can be supplied in Eastern Indonesia. However, so far it has not been managed properly for the benefit of this area.

With the presence of PT. Maluku Energi (MEA), which is only one year old, Tuesday (23/11/2021) began to move so that the potential of natural resources such as gas potential can be managed properly.

“PT. MEA is also working on the energy sector according to energy needs in Maluku. Especially gas energy. Indeed, there is gas potential in Masela, but it has not been produced in approximately 2027 or 2028. Meanwhile, there is gas potential on the island of Seram, “said the Director of PT. MEA, Mussalam Latuconsina, to the media crew, Tuesday (23/11/2021).

He admitted that the gas potential came from the Non-Bulla Block working area.

“Well, since I joined this BUMD, gas has been found in the area since 2012. Just imagine for almost 10 years the potential for that gas has been left idle. Maybe no one agrees. No one is focused on why there is a potential for gas to be silenced,” he explained.

After he entered PT. MEA, the CITIC Seram team which manages the Non-Bulla Block area, was informed.

“You have gas but why is it not produced. Their reason is that there is no market. I said that our market is ready to help. Within a year, we are looking for investors who will use the gas,” he explained.

Like a tit for tat, in mid March 2021, his party launched in Jakarta, with Pertamina Gas and PLN.

“I tried the potential of Blovin gas on Seram Island. Blovin has gas potential like the Masela Block. It would be a shame if no one noticed. Finally, CITIC Seram, who are non-Bula, they are ready. I said the market I guarantee. The first market is the Shrimp company in Arara, North Seram. The company’s director is Pak Karel Albert Ralahalu, the former governor of Maluku. I communicated with Mr. Karel. He said Mr. Mussalam we need gas, because so far we have produced it with diesel. Diesel operating costs are very expensive and uneconomical,” he explained.

Moreover, remember him, there is a Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation in the future diesel will be abandoned and replaced with gas energy or new and renewable energy.

“Incidentally, while the process is underway, CITIC Seram promised us that they would promote one or two wells they found,” he said.

The follow-up, in the middle of 2022, his party with PT. Wahana Lestari already has a Memerandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation because it needs the gas. So in addition to PI from the Bula Block and Non-Bula Block, there is gas used by the Potentichas shrimp industry, which will also be used by PLN in Maluku,” he explained.

In fact, he continued, the central PLN hopes that if the gas potential is large, it can be distributed to PLN in North Maluku, Papua and NTT. The potential is equivalent to 1000 Mega Watts.

”So that it can be supplied in Maluku, North Maluku, Papua, and NTT. And the central PLN has cooperated with us as well. There are also several companies that are ready. Like the Indonesian Fertilizer company. While exploring,” he explained.

“Hopefully, next year the gas will flow. And they must provide incentives to carry out exploration and development drilling so that there is added value for the region.” he continued.

Therefore, it is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday 24/11/2021) his party will hold a dialogue with the Regional Government of SBT, KKT and Central Maluku district.

Because Blovin gas was located in Central Maluku Regency. So the 50 percent PI of WBT is shared with Malteng. Meanwhile, the province gets 50 percent,” he said. (DM-02)

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